User List for Problems


Is it possible to only put users on the list who have done some problems There are a few who have never done any with a 1500 rating


Thanks for the suggestion! This is great excuse to do something I’ve been wanting for a while. It will probably be a filter to show only active users where ‘active’ is an RD below 100. RD should also grow very slowly over time so users who stop eventually get knocked off the active list. The filter is super easy, I’ll do that this week. Making RD grow over time will take a little thought but I don’t expect it to be too difficult,


Thanks that would be great


Done! The users page is now filterable by RD, and RD grows a little every day.

As always, let me know if you find any bugs. Thanks again for the suggestion.


There still seems a lot of users who have last problem NEVER


Click the filter button. :wink:


Magic thanks for that