The best place to play Checkers

It seem to me that the website is the best place to play checkers.

The game is clean & well design.

What do you think ?

The selection of places to play online is unfortunately quite poor. Below are some observations from my limited experience.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the curvy squares or the flipping piece animations. The whole thing looks kind of silly. But it works and they usually have a lot of people online. Player count may be their secret sauce, but it’s a good one. It’s tough to play without an opponent of similar skill.

    The graphics are plain but functional and they have more options for things like time controls than flyordie. I understand they have some very high level players here. You can usually find a game but they don’t have the player count that flyordie does.

    Is a mobile site whose killer feature is that you can play with a friend just by sharing a link. Neither of you need to create accounts. That’s pretty neat but the rest of their interface is quite limited because it’s a mobile site.

I haven’t tried the correspondence sites or They both seem to have limited player counts and old interfaces but these are less important for correspondence play. I know some people have good luck there.

I would love to see a checkers version of but that’s a beast of a project.

Anyone else, where do you play? What do you like about it? Did I miss a nice site?

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Playok has the most quality players. A lot of in person tournament players play there. So if you are looking to improve your game, that is probably the best place to play.

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