Suggestion on final sacrifices

As I’ve been trying more and more, I have to give my compliments to the site creator.

This is not another “puzzle” collection, but a series of “real world” situation where you have to find a good move, like in real games.

Only a small suggestion. In problems where the computer sacrifices a piece just before conceding the win (ie, there is only one legal move for the human before “congrats”) it would make sense to stop at the move before.

Thank you for the kind words. And yes I agree, many of the puzzles could end a move earlier. But sometimes the engine, or the human player, gives away the material early to free their position, seeing problems far in the future. And then if the problem ends a move earlier, you don’t get to capture the piece, and it’s totally mysterious why the puzzle just ends. And I didn’t find a programmatic way to tell the difference, so I decided to go with the current behavior. But I agree, some of them would be more elegant if they left a helpless opponent rather than one final capture.

If you don’t see the need for the sacrifice, then you won’t understand even after the sacrifice is performed (given that the position is lost also after the sacrifice).
You will understand that after the sacrifice the puzzle is finished, but not why

True. But that was the trade off I made. I still think it’s more important to know why the puzzle ended than it is annoying to play one last capture. Maybe I’m wrong. In any case, to minimize the annoyance go to the settings page, and turn on quick move if you haven’t already.