Stuck on a problem


I can’t get a problem to start and the app and website appear frozen. I have a screen print of the problem but I can’t tell which one it is because it never comes up with WHITE TO PLAY and win and all that sort of thing.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve reverted today’s update to the previous version. Let me know if the problem resolves. I’d hoped to improve the puzzle load time, but that will have to wait. I’d love the screenshot either way.

Thanks for letting me know! And sorry for the bugs.


Checking the database, it crashed on on puzzle: 9169. I’ll try to fix the update later this week. Thanks again!


Alright, I fixed that bug, let’s try this update again.


Problems are going really well and the opening explorer I’ve used but I cannot get into this forums section from the app. Tried yesterday and today and had to log on to this website to post this. I get a blank screen that never goes anywhere with forum on the top left but no forums ever appear. I normally use the android app


Thank you again! I noticed the blank forum page too but I don’t know what causes it. It used to work and I didn’t change either the app or the forum. Maybe some automatic update to the forum? I don’t know, but I’ll try to figure it out.

Thanks again.


Alright, I just pushed an update to the app store that should fix the forum view when your app updates. Hopefully I didn’t break anything else. :sweat_smile:


Looking good from this end I am updating this from the android app