Replay problem if treeload is delayed

If I missed a problem and the site takes a long time to load the ‘result tree’ and i click next then the provlem reloads and i can attempt it again. I didnt check if the results are recorded multiple times.

Looks like you bumped into the same problem that RobJackel did just a few hours before. I’m sorry to hear that but this post helps me a lot. It rules out things like hardware restarts and other momentary hiccups. I don’t know what’s caused it yet but I’m looking into it.

In the mean time I’ll change the text from ‘checking results’ to the more accurate ‘submitting results’. This is why when it fails you’ll see the same problem again. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t recorded multiple times but it’s still frustrating.

Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve experienced similar bugs when my own connection is flaky. You do an incorrect move and the solution is shown while the engine is still sending the ‘failed’ message to the server.
Then when it can’t connect, you can retry the problem without losing points. Doesn’t happen often, but when I’m in the train going through areas between cities where the reception sucks (or in tunnels) it does sometimes.

It’s not very significant and there’s way easier ways to cheat if that’s your thing. I recon it is also difficult to fix, since you wouldn’t want to force a call to the server each time you do a move and there aren’t a lot of ways around that.

Hmm, maybe it should wait on showing the solution until the success or failure is reported. There isn’t much I can do about deliberate cheating. For instance an engine will always show you the answer. I’ve got a few ideas on how to make it more difficult but the primary defense is that cheating at a learning tool is pointless.

I do want to stop inadvertent cheating though, that can spoil your own fun accidentally. This is why you get the same problem if the results aren’t reported, so people don’t close the browser on tough puzzles and then come back to an easier one after figuring it out. So yeah maybe it should delay showing the answer until the results are reported.

And I have a new theory on the random delays. I’m pushing up some changes later this week that I hope will help.