Recommended checkers engines?

I wanted to practice some of the winning positions resulting from the puzzles against some engine, to get a feel on how to “win a won game”. Any recommendations?

Download Checkerboard and Kingsrow with the 10 piece MTC and WLD databases.

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To add some links to lloyd’s answer, you can find checkerboard on Martin Fierz’s website. It’s a windows program that comes with a very strong engine called Cake and a four piece win-loss-draw (WLD) database. There are also download links to the 5, 6, 7, and 8 piece databases there. Cake with the four man database is already an incredibly strong opponent.

But if you want to try your hand against near perfect play, Ed Gilbert’s KingsRow uses multiple threads and larger databases to search an incredible number of positions. The 9 and 10 piece WLD databases are very large (100 GB) but available on that page. At the moment I don’t know where to get the moves-to-conversion(MTC) databases but they can help the engines play not just effectively perfectly, but theoretically perfectly.

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Are there any good engines for mac