Puzzle Screen Idea


Is it possible to put the number of attempts at a puzzle by members and the success rate I know there is ratings but I would not mind knowing 10 people have attempted and 6 got it right Maybd at the concluaion of then attempt Not sure how easy that is


Yeah that’s easy, thanks for the suggestion. I changed the ‘common mistakes’ section to read ‘all attempts’ and added the number of correct and incorrect answers.

I can add percentages too but for I’m not sure it helps much. Almost every problem will eventually show about 66% correct because that’s what the rating system pushes it towards. There will be exceptions at the top and bottom of the rating range. Any thoughts?

One thing that chesstempo does that I’d like to do eventually is show the average rating of the players that made each mistake. But I don’t have nearly enough data yet and that would take a lot longer to implement.


On second thought, the average rating was also pretty easy to add. It’s not terribly useful when the number of times a mistake happened is low but hey, it’s kind of neat. Let me know if you have any problems with it.


Yes I like it what about the average rating of the people who got it right also


So you can compare yourself to others who got it right is that similar to the puzzle rating anyway


I can do it but I think you’re right, the average correct rating is just going to be the puzzle rating plus a little. The average incorrect rating is the puzzle rating minus a little but can be broken up by move. Higher skilled players may try one line while weaker players are tempted by another.