Puzzle Option for puzzles gotten wrong


Is it possible to have an option to only do puzzLes you have gotten wrong so you can work on your weaknesses I know this would give a lower rating but improvement is what we all want And doing the same puzzle a few times I have already gotten right seems like a waste of time

If it is a setting it can be altered by the player at whim

  1. List item


I love the idea, I’ve added it to my list but I think it will have to wait for a more general solution to problem sets. I’d love to have something like the following options.

  • Problems I’ve never gotten right (includes ones I’ve never tried)
  • Problems I’ve gotten wrong.
  • Problems I’ve only gotten wrong.
  • Only Problems I’ve never tried.
  • Problems involving tactical motifs.
    1. Promotion
    2. Attraction
    3. Blocking
    4. Clearance
    5. Defensive move
    6. Fork/double attack
    7. Overloaded piece
    8. Quiet move
    9. Sacrifice
    10. Simplification
    11. Trapped piece
    12. Zugzwang
  • etc.

I’ll try to look into what this would involve this coming week but I don’t think I have a good setup for it yet. I’ll update you when I know more. Also, I’m a much better chess player than I am checkers player. I could use some help building a list of tactical motifs more relevant to checkers. At the moment there aren’t enough puzzles to warrant splitting them up into tiny sets but that will change.

Thanks again for the suggestion. I’ll let you know how it goes.