Problems have stopped!


I can’t get new problem to start. I have the problem concerned but I can’t tell which one it is. I have a screen print. I did quite a few and it just stopped. The screen appeared and it didn’t come up with white or red play to win statement at all. I was playing in the Android app and now I’m in the website with the same result.
The problem concerned has a white king on 14 and white checkers on 15 21 30 And 32. Red checkers on 12 13 19 23 And 25. And it is stuck there.


Still not doing anything stuck


No success yet. Any reason why


Sorry! I was on vacation. I’ll look into this today.


Alright, this should be fixed, let me know if you have any trouble. Sorry again for the delay, I feel really bad it was broken for so long.

If you’re curious about what happened, the javascript engine managed to capture it’s own piece, instead of three opponent pieces to end on the same square. Then later it tried to move the self captured piece and crashed. With no answer right or wrong sent to the server, it keeps giving the same puzzle, and it keeps crashing.

In the future, if you get stuck again, there is a way around. If you sign out, it will give you a fresh problem every time and you’ll at least be able to puzzle. It’s far from ideal, puzzles won’t affect your rating or be selected for your skill, but it will do something. Please continue let me know, my automated crash reporting is not great.

Thanks again for the bug report.


Thanks for fixing it Looking great