Obtaining recent games to process

Is it possible to obtain the matches recently played in various “world championships” I keep seeing on Facebook? Running them through the algorithm to find the most exciting play would be really interesting.

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Oh, I’m sorry, I answered this in your email but didn’t realize you posted here as well. I’ll copy that answer below.

I would love to include more recent games, especially the world championships. Unfortunately, I’ve never found a reliable source of games. I’ve had some people email me games but typically it’s a tournament or three. To be worth the development effort of importing them, I’d want hundreds or maybe thousands of games. I’d love to see some kind of comprehensive or regularly updated source of top games, but I don’t think that exists. If it does, I’m not aware of it.

Thanks for your reply. Disappointing, but completely understandable. It is a shame that the checkers’ community is not well organized in this respect.