Not a rated attempt

I am having the same problem as another user had back in April where every puzzle I do says not a rated attempt and your advice was to hit the next puzzle but even when I do I still get the not a rated attempt message. This has been happening since yesterday is there anything you can do @Brooks

@Brooks I managed to fix the issue somehow but it has come back again is there anything that can be done about this because it is very frustrating

Interestingly enough it seems to be coming and going all the time

I see the same ’ not rated attempt ’ quite often on the first puzzle I get and sometimes on second and third. Then, they start to give ratings.

It was annoying at first, but, I’ve gotten use to it.

This is still the best checkers site.

Holy Thread Necro! I’m sorry I missed your thread @Conor . So, this is nine months late and likely no longer relevant but I’m here now. Did it fix itself? Still a problem?

@Brooks Seems to be fine now. P.S I have a collection of about 30,000 extra games that aren’t in your database if you are looking to expand games/problems let me know

I’m glad it’s fixed! But problems that go away by themselves, come back by themselves. Let me know if it recurs or if you can pin down under what circumstances it recurs.

As for the games, especially if they are of high quality, say from tournaments then absolutely, I’d love to have them. I can’t promise anything but who knows, maybe I’ll find the time to import and analyze them. Less useful are blitz games from the internet. I think the quality of the puzzles somewhat reflect the quality of the games they come from.

All of these gamess are from tys

No thank you then. Sorry, it just seems too weird to mix internet games with those from some of the greats in the game. Maybe I should have started with internet games, I don’t know. But thank you for the offer, I appreciate it.

Perhaps you misunderstood ty stands for tournaments the games in the pdn I sent are from official tournaments or books by great authors like ben boland. There are no internet games

Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, I did misunderstand, I thought “tys” was a web games site. Absolutely, I’d love more games. I can’t promise anything but if I find a chance, maybe I’ll get them imported and the problem generator running again. Yeah, link them here or email them to me, Thanks!

And checking my spam folder, I see you already did. Thank you so much!