"Not a rated attempt"

Hi there,

Very new to the site so please forgive me.

I am attempting to score my progress, but every time I do a puzzle it says “Not a rated attempt”, how can I fix this?

Also could @Brooks contact me somehow, I have a few questions!


The “Not a rated attempt” should come up when you’re attempting a puzzle of your own choosing. So for instance if you go to puzzle 30, it’s not a rated attempt because you may already know the answer or it may be way too easy or too hard. To get a rated attempt, let the site choose your next puzzle with the “Next Puzzle” button at the top of the page, or the “Next” button at the bottom of the board after an attempt. If this is not what is happening, that’s a bug that’s I’ll have to look into.

As for your other questions, the best place is usually here on the forum. That way any answers are searchable and they might help someone else. But if they are private, feel free to send me an email or forum message. There is a “contact us” at the bottom of the main page.