Messaging players


Don’t know if this is possible is it possible to message other players here and chat and maybe play them somewhere Eg arrange tines for a game


Someday I’d love to implement playing here but that’s a long way away, if ever. In the mean time the best way to message people is probably the forum. You can private message anyone who has a forum account or just create a post as an open invite. I’ll created a forum area for game invites if you want to go that route.

But since most users haven’t yet signed in to the forum, they don’t have forum accounts. I recently made the forum sync to the main site for name and email changes. Making it sync to everybody should be pretty straight forward. I’ll try to do that next week.


Looking at this again, new users already get forum accounts. So I ran a script to sync those accounts that predate this. I don’t think it did what I wanted though. There are still more accounts on the main site than on the forum, and user’s names on the forum got overwritten. I think it just updated those accounts that already exist, not create new forum accounts. Anyway, I fixed those I knew, hopefully no one lost much profile info.

This tells me two things. I need a testing environment for the forum as the two servers get increasingly integrated. And the forum doesn’t backup often enough. I’ll fix both of those before trying again.


No, it did work, it just took a day to update the user’s list. Lol. I have no idea what’s happening.