Looking for training partner

Hello, I am looking to train on checkerscruncher app with someone, sharing thoughts, in real time. (I use Skype -sharing screen; its free). The session will last a complete hour, and I would like to scheduled it somewhere like 3 times a week. I have hit 1450 rating on the app.

If someone find it interesting enough to at least try it once, contact me here, I will arrange something.

Me ? I have discovered the game 6 months ago, and I have became a dedicated student. I am also a national canadian chess master so I believe I know what training is.

Happy checkers!

I’d be happy to have one session with you but wouldn’t commit to 3 hours a week. I can give you some general pointers and have written a draughts program many years ago so understand why Checker cruncher plays the way it does. I got to 1745 a few months ago but am having a more at the moment. Average is somewhere around 1680

That’s great, I want to learn, of course! Tell me in what time zone you are? I will then give my Skype pseudonym at a convenient hour. it will be on a couple of hours. I’ll be waiting. Myself, I live in Montreal/New-York time zone. Thanks Joe. Steve

I have thought about it: there it goes :

Can you explain more about this program. I want to see something similar to chess , there they show you a bar indicating if you have more advantage during the game