London 1992, game 5

Great site! When I read about this match in “One Jump Ahead” I thought Tinsley won 4-2.

Now searching for “Tinsley” and “Player loses” it has 3 losses. So I think this is a mistake and Tinsley won this one. Tinsley was white in this game; the players are correct, just swapped around. I wonder if this affects any other games in this match?

Nice find! Thank you for pointing this out, I just fixed it. There are other games I suspect of transcription errors but this is the first to be given conclusive evidence to fix it. Thank you for offering proof!

For instance this game has Red agreeing to a draw with a winning shot available. Maybe it happened, I’ve resigned in actually winning positions. But it seems unlikely for players of that caliber. Or more conclusively this one marked as a draw despite red being up a piece with two kings. Surely white resigned? But I don’t know, I don’t have another source for that game to double check.

*edit: Game 20 had the same issue. Fixed.