Database question

Hi there why on the Dataabse theres only old games and no actual games from 95 to actual year from grand masters

Because I couldn’t find them in quality and quantity. I didn’t want to be trying to import individual games that people sent in. And the chess world has big tournaments with live feeds, but checkers just doesn’t. So, I looked for existing databases and the ACF page to download game transcripts is busted so I used the one from Martin Fierz’s webpage. But it was old even when I downloaded it.

I probably could have built a web-crawler that downloaded games as they were played, say from but then I’d just have internet handles and ratings. Not to mention any unknown permission issues. I did the best I could.

If anyone knows of a better source for high level games, I’d love to hear about. I’m not working on this site right now, but the future is long.

are you the developer of this page ?

Yes. Well, not this forum. This is an open-source project called discourse. But I built the rest of the site with a little help from a friend.

do you know if theres any web version of a checkers engine with DB and like javascript ?

Not for English checkers, not as far as I’m aware. has a javascript engine that plays international checkers but they don’t (yet?) have an opening data base nor english checkers.

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