Checkers is tough!

Checkers is too hard!
I’m tired of chess where I have an 1800 rating in blitz games online after many years but why is Checkers so hard?
I’m struggling to keep a 1200 rating here!
Being good at Checkers is a lot harder than chess.
Any tips?
I actually own the Checkers title in my house and I have never lost (In my house) but my 1200 tactics rating is depressing!
What is the secret?


Pretty well all the books and experts say there is no secret. It’s a combination of book knowledge, playing against your betters, learning from your mistakes and practicing visualization.
Checkers is beyond human intelligence but we can all improve.


I can’t find any Checkers books in Canada :pensive:

6 months later and I’m above 1300 :thinking:
Slowly improving.

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Congrats! That’s no mean feat.

My move/time average is 20 seconds.
Maybe I should slow down :thinking:

Definitely take more time. This is not a race. Think through the problems as best you can. Get all the free books you want from my website including Checkers for the Novice.

Thanks a lot. I will do that.