Can we add games to the database?

I have some games from littlegolem that I’d like to analyze. Is there a way to add these to your game database?

A full install of the Checkerboard and Kingsrow software provides an excellent platform for analyzing positions and games.

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Hmm, I hadn’t thought of this, thanks for the suggestion.

I definitely want to add games to the database. A lot of chess databases are upwards of a million games and you can follow the openings quite far and learn some strategies because of that. But I’d also like to keep the games of a high quality with player names attached so we learn from the experts instead of learning bad habits. So I’ve been hesitant to add internet games when I don’t know the players, their ratings, or the time controls.

But personal games, there should at least be a way of pasting a PDN so you can step through it quickly and watch the opening stats change as you go. Even if this doesn’t add it to the database for other users it would still be helpful. Or maybe there should be multiple databases and users can decide whether they want to see every game or just expert games.

So no, unfortunately at the moment there is no way to do it currently but I’m adding it to my to do list right now. Thanks!

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