Ajax Error Problem 10432


I got an Ajax Error on this problem 10432 and said it was unrated and it got in a loop. After exiting the app and reentering it seemed to continue Notice also the app is very slow currently slower than before and I don’t think it is my Android Samsung Tab4 Thanks


I’ve noted a hesitation in the problems.


Hmm, this is unfortunate. I’ve been trying to make the app faster, not slower. One thing I did was change the problem load order so that it would load just what was needed to render a board and let you get familiar with the position while it loaded the rest of the puzzle. Overall, it should be a little faster and with a board on the screen instead of the loading circle. Still, if it feels worse, than it’s worse. I’ll try something else.

Any details you can give me would be great. Is the loading time worse? Is it slow after that initial load time? Do the animations or sound lag? Does it take too long to play the opponent’s response or show the solution?

As for the ajax error. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into it, though one off errors are really hard to find.


Just slow waiting for the problem to load. Maybe a touch of delay before oops or congrats.


It isn’t significant but has been slower recently If you put in a specific problem number it gives the problem and quite a delay before a move is done and you see the whole details. Don’t know if there is any point showing the position early as you don’t know your opponents move still to come often anyway. So everything together is fine IMO.

Similar for NEXT problem function.

I didn’t mind the way it was but it is only a small point still enjoying the problems :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. I have an idea that should save quite a bit of load time. It’s pretty major change to how the puzzles are stored so it would take a few weeks to do but I’ll look into it.


No worries no rush It is great to have this site